Have you ever stopped to think how much there is to teach our children? I’m not talking about the things we actually tell our kids.
Things like:
  • Look people in the eye when you talk to them
  • Hold the door for your mother and sister
  • Say excuse me if you belch
  • Don’t pee in the pool

These lessons all matter, but they focus more on raising children than raising adults.

Take a second and think about everything you wish you knew as an adult, but were never taught.

Here is my list.
Our children may pick up some of these things from watching us. There may even be an opportunity to discuss these life issues before they head off to college. But, I don’t want to leave it to chance.
My idea is to take each life lesson and turn it into a letter to my children. They may read it this year or they may read it ten years from now. I’m fine either way.
Part of the exercise is figuring out what is important to say about each lesson. Then I need to tell the story in a way to make it stick. I’ll publish each lesson on my blog in case others find it valuable.
Do you want to help? Look at the list above and let me know if I missed a lesson you wish you learned earlier. Feel free to post it in the comments below.
Note: since I first wrote this list, it’s gotten longer. Before this is over I may have 100 lessons!